What does infinity mean innumerable or unlimited

Translation of "endless" in German

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The wealth supporting The Knick is endless.
The abundance of support for The Knick is there endless.
The possibilities are truly becoming endless.
The possibilities turn out to be real endless represent.
The queue is endless and quite expensive.
The snake is infinite and the visit to the grotto is very expensive.
That soothed the endless sorry sight.
And it soothed that infinite sad sight.
It offers endless possibilities to visualize your data and ideas.
It provides countless Ways to visualize your data and ideas.
The reasons for putting your data on a CD are endless.
There are countless Reasons for storing data on CD.
These are two people exhausted by endless was and violence.
We see two peoples facing each other through endless War and violence have burned out.
Method of dressing in particular endless bands.
Method of straightening, in particular endless, Ribbons.
See the endless storage possibilities with Blu-Ray.
Look at the infinite Storage options with Blu-Ray.
She had endless stories about life in Hollywood.
she could endless Telling stories about life in Hollywood.
At endless junkyard of orbiting debris.
A endless Junkyard of debris from orbit.
Sammy wrote himself endless amounts of notes.
Sammy has one of her own endless Number written by notes.
Nothing says endless love like capital murder.
Nothing stands for anymore endless Love as a murder that brings life imprisonment.
Indicates on endless cycle of luck.
Indicates a endless Cycle of happiness.
Florida is filled with endless activities that can provide exceptional memories.
Florida is with endless Filled activities that can provide extraordinary memories.
It can be an endless process.
It can be a endless Be a process that never ends.
Experiencing the world through endless second-hand information isn't enough.
But life only through endless Experiencing second hand information is not enough.
Three endless days without a word.
Three endless Days without a word from you.
Kazakhstan means endless plains, steppes and desert.
Kazakhstan, that are endless Plains, steppe, desert.
This is why self-delusion is on endless complication.
That's why the self-deception one endless Entanglement is.
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