What shouldn't we ask Siri

The funniest Siri questions

When setting up a new iPhone, you will be asked in the first few steps whether you want to activate the voice assistant or not. Most users want to take advantage of this feature or at least try it out and see how smart Siri really is. If you really want to know what Siri can do, you should deviate from the standard questions such as "Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?" And ask a little more carefully. We reveal which questions Siri has the best and funniest answers to.

"What is zero divided by zero?"

For a long time now, Siri has also been able to set simple basic arithmetic tasks. This is much faster than first opening the calculator app, typing in the task and reading the result. One task caused a special stir. A few weeks ago the popular social networks Facebook and Twitter drew attention to a response from Siri, which revolved around the question of what zero divided by zero is. Siri delivers the following answer: "Imagine you have 0 cookies and distribute them evenly to 0 friends. How many cookies does everyone get? You see? That makes no sense! And the Cookie Monster is sad because there are no more cookies and you are sad because you have no friends ... "

"When will the world end?"

Siri has a few special answers to this question. Even if for many people an empty smartphone is like the end of the world, this can be prevented, according to Siri: "As long as my battery is charged, there is no danger at all."

Even Siri doesn't seem to be entirely sure. If you ask again, she replies: “If I knew, I would tell you. Then we could spend one last wonderful day together with ice cream and a walk in the sunset. ”Siri can answer a question in different ways. So if you want to find out the other answers, all you have to do is ask Siri the same question several times. Sounds strange, but that's how it is.

"How does the Fox?"

Do you remember the song "The Fox (What does the Fox say?)"? from 2013? When asked what kind of sounds the fox is making, there is no biologically correct answer within the song. Instead, a seemingly senseless hook is "roared" in classic dance floor style, according to which the fox is supposed to do "ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding" or "Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow". A masterpiece of contemporary music history. Siri seems to think the song is quotable, however. If you ask the question, Siri answers “Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!” Or optionally with other song passages that come from the song.

“Read me a poem!

At this request, Siri demonstrates her entire poetic potential. Amazingly, Siri even kept the correct intonation when reciting the following poem: “Ene, mene miste. It rattles in the box. Ene, mene, mei. The rhyme is over now. " Of course, Siri also has alternatives ready. However, you shouldn't ask Siri too kindly to give a lecture. If you change the question to "Please read me a poem", Siri no longer understands the request correctly. But Siri also seems to have a certain intellectual bias in other ways. For example, if you ask what Siri thinks about “Google Now”, she replies: “In the spirit of Descartes. So I think I am."

"I'm naked."

With some questions or statements you shouldn't think too much or look for meaning, you just have to start talking. In response to the sentence "I'm naked." Siri pretends not to understand exactly what you mean, or expresses her horror quite obviously: "That leaves me completely speechless." But there is also a bit of social criticism: " For you humans it is always a matter of the outside. "

"Where's Elvis Presley?"

Here, too, the question is not “why?” But rather “why not?”. Let's see what Siri can answer that. One answer actually makes a lot of sense: "I think he was last seen in Las Vegas ... and in several places at the same time."

"I'm drunk."

You may have peeked into your glass a little too often on the weekend and called all of your friends at two-thirty at night to tell them you love them. If at some point none of your friends takes your calls, you can or should contact Siri. Not because of her slightly snippy answer "Don't think I'll carry you home!", But rather because of the "Call me a taxi" function. If you tap on it, a list of taxi companies in the area that you can call appears on the display. You can of course ask Siri to call a taxi if you are sober.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the whole country?"

Anyone who has not received enough compliments for a new outfit can ask Siri, thanks to the miracle of technology. "You are the most beautiful here, but ... nonsense, you are clearly the most beautiful.", Whereby one can also answer with the answer "Snow White? Is that you? ”Has to calculate.

"What is the best smartphone?"

The seemingly eternal guerrilla war between Android users and Apple users regarding the question of who has the better smartphone seems to never end. Siri doesn't compromise here. She says very clearly: "The best virtual assistants prefer the iPhone." Otherwise, Siri assumes that you want to "kidnap" her.

"What's the meaning of life?"

A very controversial question and one that has to be answered differently for each person. Siri then quotes the German poet and writer Christian Morgenstern and says: “Life is the search for nothing for something.” Think about it - or take another piece of advice from Siri to heart: “Try to be nice , avoiding fatty food, reading a good book every now and then, going for a walk every now and then and living in peace and harmony with people of all faiths and nations. ”But also the answer“ Without music, life would be a mistake. “Seems quite plausible. And to be honest: whose life could still make sense if you didn't know what kind of noises a fox would make?

More funny Siri questions

If you want to put Siri to the test with further questions, you can try the following times:

"Who's your father?"

"Make me a sandwich!"

"Does Santa Claus exist?"

"Which is better, Windows or Mac?"

"Where did I put my keys?

"Does God really exist?"

"How many Apple employees does it take to change a lightbulb?"

"Test Test."

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