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Where and how can you apply kohl?

  • As a beginner, it is better to use a kohl with a soft lead
  • Simply use the kohl pencil to paint the lower waterline
  • Use the kohl as an eyeliner on the upper eyelid
  • Use white kohl to enlarge your eyes
  • Vary with colored eye pencils

Beginners should get one Get an eye pencil with a soft, lubricious lead. Because a good color release is very important for a beautiful result.

Where do you apply kohl?

For the classic kohl line on the lower eyelid, the water line is simply painted over. The waterline is the last piece of skin between the eyelashes and the actual eye. As a rule, the skin is a little damp there, hence the waterline.

Please really only work with kohl or kohl pencils on the waterline. Direct contact with the eye causes other so-called eyeliners to burn like hell. Hands off!

Apply make-up on the waterline

How do you apply kohl?

As you can see on the photo on the right, simply paint over the waterline several times with the kohl pencil until the desired intensity is reached.

At the beginning it can happen that the eyes water when applying the kohl. This is rarely because the wearer is allergic. Rather, it is one Reflex of the eye, who wants to wash out an avoidable foreign body.

Simply fast look at the ceiling so that the color does not completely blur. However, this problem usually occurs after a few uses.

In this short video you can take a close look at how to open a kohl!

What was kajal originally for and what is it used for today?

Interestingly, the tear-forming effect of Kajal was originally intended because a damp eye looks bigger!

Best white kohl for bigger eyes

Kajal is incredibly diverse in the application. For example, the eyes can be optically enlarged with a light-colored kohl pencil. Simply apply white or light beige kohl * to the lower water line.

product not found: B001VNC9YA

If you prefer to make up smokey eyes, you can use kohl to draw a fine line on the lower and upper lash line. The lash line is on the lower eyelid just below the lashes and on the upper eyelid just above the lashes. The lash line is the second area next to the waterline where you can apply kohl!

Draw the best kohl with color to the eyeliner

The line should always be a little wider at the top than at the bottom. Kajal can also be used for an eyeliner pull. This is much easier with a kohl pencil, especially for beginners, than with a special eyeliner.

Simply start at the inner, upper corner of the eye and draw a fine line on the lash line. This may be a little wider towards the middle. Advanced can do one more small extension, the dovetail, to paint.

This makes the eye area particularly seductive. With colored eyeliner pencils can be used to create beautiful accents put. Because black kohl looks very sexy, but it also makes the eyes smaller. Brown or gray are a nice alternative.

If you want to try out a selection of colored eyeliner strokes, I can recommend these eyeliner pencils from L’Oreal *.

Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs, if applicable. Prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All statements without guarantee.

How can you sharpen kohl?

By the way, you should sharpen it none Use school sharpeners, just use a special cosmetic sharpener, for example this one from Amazon for different sizes *. These sharpeners are much better suited for the soft leads!

Artdeco Duo sharpener *

My conclusion:
"Good sharpener for all kinds of cosmetic pencils. Important utensil, should always be at hand!"

Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs, if applicable. Prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All statements without guarantee.

The best natural kohl: the Lakshmi kohl and its effects

A completely different variant are the kohl pencils from Lakshmi * with an infinite variety of colors. Black and colorless versions do not contain any mineral pigments, they only consist of pure carbon.

Handcrafted from pure ghee and they are Demeter certified. This makes them very well tolerated and can even be used with contact lenses on the waterline.

Some Lakshmi kohl pencils contain camphor and have a cooling effect, which can be very helpful for tired eyes.

Lakshmi Khol Kajal black sensitive *
  • Natural ingredients
  • Also suitable as an eye care product
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes

My conclusion:
"Anyone who has previously had problems with reddened eyes should definitely try this kohl."

Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs, if applicable. Prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All statements without guarantee.

Difference between kohl and eyeliner

What is the difference between kohl and eyeliner?

While kajal is a kind of solid colored pencil, eyeliner is more liquid. There are different consistencies of eyeliners, which we will present in detail in a separate article on eyeliner. Basically, the made-up impression with kohl and eyeliner is very different. If you go by the English translation of "eyeliner", ie "line on the eye", then kohl and liquid eyeliner are both products that can be used to make up these lines.

Should I use kohl or eyeliner?

It depends on what effect you want to achieve!

The kajal looks much softer as an eyeliner and, as already mentioned, only it can be used on the waterline. The liquid eyeliners appear harder and more varnish - but that's exactly what you want for some lines. But they definitely cannot be used on the waterline.

Kajal is easy to make up and can be easily blended or smudged when it is used on the lash line. Eyeliner requires a steady hand and practice for precise use on the lash line. But it's worth it if you want to tap into the great variety of trendy eyeliner lines!

On the two following photos with the same model you can see the different effects in comparison. On the left with green kohl on the waterline. On the right no kohl on the waterline, but a nice eyeliner with liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid. By the way, with a click on the photos you get to the complete illustrated instructions for the respective look!

Kajal and contact lenses

Why not use kohl on contact lenses?

Basically, when using contact lenses, I would advise against applying kohl on the waterline - the classic kohl line described here. Due to the close proximity to the eye, there is a risk that small particles slide under the contact lenses and rub uncomfortably on the eyeball. The use of kohl on the lash line, on the other hand, is usually completely problem-free!

This way the kajal will last longer

What to do if kajal is always smeared or smeared?

Many women complain that the kajal blurs and settles under the eye. A few tricks can help avoid this. Before applying the kohl pencil just apply some eyeshadow base. This is best done with a fine brush.

Wait a moment and then apply the kohl. So that it can be blended better and has even more durability, the kajall line can then be added traced eye shadow of the same color become. Transparent powder is also very suitable for this.

Anyone looking for a skin-colored eyeshadow base should take a closer look at the Artdeco Eyeshadow Base *. Because this base really does what it promises is very economical and also quite cheap.

Artdeco Eyeshadow Base *
  • Creamy consistency
  • Soothes reddened eyelids
  • Neutralizes the shade of the eyelid

My conclusion:
"A perfect eyeshadow primer. It has so many advantages and should always be applied to the eyelid at such a low price. Especially with eyelid problems, you benefit from the better durability of the eyeshadow thanks to the Artdeco base. I also use it daily"

Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs, if applicable. Prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All statements without guarantee.

Best waterproof kohl

Basically, kohl pencils blur a little over the course of the day. You just have to check it every now and then and maybe retighten the kohl line. We presented methods to make it more durable in the previous section.

Even so, there is also a need for waterproof kohl. Especially when you are in the swimming pool or in the outdoor pool in summer, women may not want to do without the kajal line. Then you should make sure when buying that it is waterproof!

With the Artdeco Soft Eye Liner waterproof * there is a pen that can really exist as a waterproof kajal in my eyes. Of course, the price is a little higher than a regular kohl pencil, but it's definitely worth it. Who wants to get out of the pool with smeared panda eyes? Even in normal everyday life, many women get along much better with the waterproof version.

Artdeco waterproof eyeliner pencil *
  • Waterproof kohl pencil
  • Soft mine
  • Color selectable

My conclusion:
"My first choice as waterproof kohl. Good quality and compatibility."

Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs, if applicable. Prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All statements without guarantee.

The waterproof kohl is applied like any normal kohl pencil. Only when removing make-up should it be an eye make-up remover for waterproof products *. You also need them for waterproof mascara, by the way. A little extra tip from me: It works with baby oil too!

Price includes VAT, plus shipping costs, if applicable. Prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All statements without guarantee.

Make-up tips for colored kohl pencils

The kohl line contrasts with the make-up of the eyeliner, because it is mostly located on the lower lash line. This makes the effect completely different. You can, however, with the Eyeliner - just like with the eyeliner - make up different looks. You can also achieve different creations with colors with the kohl line.

To make this clear, we have it four different variants made up. The classic kohl line, the white kohl line and a colored kohl line.

Classic eyeliner line

The first look is the classic, black kohl line on the inner lower eyelid. It is a beautiful eye-catcher with large, light eyes, which is underlined by a light-colored eyeshadow.

But Care should be taken with small, deep-set eyes. They are optically made smaller by this kohl line. If the eye color is also dark, it can even create a piercing look.

Classic kohl line, slightly modified

A slightly modified variant can be achieved by using the kohl line to include the lower lash line. This makes the line appear softer and the eyes are reduced in size less.

For the vast majority of women I see with a kohl line, I would recommend this modified variant!

White eyeliner line

A very different effect will be with one light to white eyeliner line reached. The eyes are optically enlarged, therefore not recommended for huge eyes.

With very dark eyes, the white kohl line creates a nice contrast that looks very interesting. Light eyes appear fresh and alert. Have you already noticed? Heidi Klum very often uses a white kohl line! So, be sure to try it yourself!

Colored eyeliner

A kohl line can also be colored.

You can with it emphasize your own eye color e.g. blue to blue eyes, brown to brown eyes. Or set a contraste.g. bronze to blue eyes, green to dark eyes. There are no limits to your imagination. Just try it out!

By the way, you can find the complete look for the kajal line with make-up instructions in our Magic Kajal Look.

Ingredients glossary

Which ingredients are usually in kajal and what do they do? Here is an overview of the modes of action:

ingredientMode of action
Oils and fatsHardened oils and fats are often used for kohl pencils. These vary depending on the provider and guidelines. Manufacturers of natural cosmetics use certified products.
Hydrogenated Castor OilOften used as a base for kohl, it is of vegetable origin and moisturizing.
ButyrumIs a vegetable or animal butter that can be specified in more detail. They are moisturizing and also form part of the basis.
lanolinThis is animal wool fat. The lipid has a moisturizing and smoothing effect.
CarnaubaThis is a vegetable wax that has smoothing and moisturizing properties.
CamphorCamphor is widely used in kohl pencils. It not only serves as a fragrance, but also as an active ingredient. With kohl pencils the disinfecting effect of camphor is in the foreground. Camphor is also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. That is why Indian kohl pencils in particular often have camphor with the term “cold” on offer. These are supposed to contract red veins and cool the eyes.
Other active ingredientsEuphrasia Officinalis, also known as eyebright, is also anti-inflammatory. Aloe Barbadensis, which promotes healing and is moisturizing, is also popular. Other active ingredients are Mentha Piperita (peppermint) which is said to have a stimulating effect, Rosa Centifolia, Acacia Dealbata and many other active ingredients can also be found in Kajal.
paraffinThese waxes are made from petroleum and are not recommended. This substance is often listed under terms such as Paraffinum Liquidum or Isododecane. The skin is hermetically sealed by this material and environmental pollution is also an issue. Petroleum derivatives must not be used in natural cosmetics, but there are also many conventional manufacturers who now do without paraffin.
BhtKajal with bht should be avoided. This substance is suspected of causing cancer. It serves as a preservative.
DyesMost of the colors are of mineral origin. They are usually marked with the abbreviation CI and a number and are not harmful in small quantities. Ultramarines is also a common dye.
EmulsifiersThese ensure that the product remains pliable. Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides, Sorbitan Palmitate and Lecithin are popular emulsifiers in cosmetics.
PreservativesPreservatives are added so that the kohl pencils do not cause eye infections. These can include vitamin E, also called tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate or citric acid. These preservatives are largely harmless.


Kajal test winner by the Stiftung Warentest?

In Germany, as consumers, we are very happy to trust the test from Stiftung Warentest. Unfortunately, there has been no kajal or kohl pencil test by the Stiftung Warentest until 2020. Accordingly, there is still no test winner or products that performed poorly in comparison.

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