Where can you never wear black

Why you NEVER! Should wear black at work

From STYLEBOOK | November 16, 2015, 9:38 am

The last interview was unsuccessful and you are wondering why? We have the answer! According to a recent poll, black clothing is a career killer.

Need more salary? Then you should pay close attention now! A survey by a British cell phone case manufacturer reveals that the choice of our clothes can be very decisive.

According to this, 20 percent of the total of 2,000 participants surveyed said that they attributed their last promotion to their choice of colored clothes.

Patterns are a career booster

According to "Telegraph", 20 percent of the group of 25 to 34 year olds were certain that the skillful integration of colored parts into their work wardrobe would have had a positive effect on their salaries. Four percent of all survey participants are also certain that, because of their colorful work outfits, they earn up to 14,000 euros more a year than the gray office mouse at the desk next door. Why is that?

The results suggest that people dressed in brightly colored clothes appear more self-confident and creative - 27 percent of all respondents stated that they felt more self-confident in a colorful outfit

According to the respondents, which colors can be used to make the most impression on the boss: At the top of the list were colorfully patterned items of clothing (27 percent of respondents), closely followed by red (15 percent) and - surprise! - Purple (10 percent).

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Stay away from black?

Well, even if half the fashion industry prefers black clothing - one of them consistently does without the gloomy non-color: “Vogue” boss Anna Wintour, after all the most powerful of all fashion editors, revealed in an interview that she never wears black from head to toe. Wintour is known for her colorful outfits.

However, a few months ago, another study found that black clothing made us appear smarter and more attractive. After all, red is also mentioned there as a color that makes us appear strong and self-confident. So maybe a red-black combination is the ultimate power outfit for the job interview or the next salary / promotion negotiation.

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