How often do you clean your sink

We use the sink in the bathroom or on the toilet several times a day - which is why it requires regular maintenance. How to clean it to make it shine.

Hair in the pool, discoloration, or a clogged drain - many problems can arise over time. With the following tips, your sink will look like new again.

Step by step instructions: How to clean the sink

1. First remove all disturbing objects on or in the sink. Whether it's a toothbrush cup, hand soap or lost hair - you need a clear path.

2. You can use one to clean the sink normal bathroom cleaner from the drugstore use. Spray the surface with it and spread the agent over the entire pool with a rag.

3. Allow the cleaner to take effect briefly.

4. Then use a fresh cloth to wipe with clean water.

5. Dry the sink with a dry cloth to prevent water stains from forming.

Remove discoloration easily with baking soda

If the treatment with bathroom cleaner is not enough for you or you prefer to use a home remedy, you should try this tip: baking powder is found in every household and can be used just as well for cleaning.

You only need to put a sachet of the powder on the affected discoloration, drizzle with water and wait a moment. Alternatively, you can mix baking powder and water into a paste beforehand and apply it. Then clean the mixture thoroughly with a sponge or rag.

This is how you can get rid of buildup and discoloration with vinegar

Instead of washing powder, you can just as easily use vinegar. The home remedy leaves an unpleasant odor - which is why you should ventilate well when using it - but also does its job. Just give it up on the limescale or discoloration and let it take effect. Wipe it with a cloth - and the sink will shine again.

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Soda for stains and clogged drains - give it a try

Back to the more odorless aids: Soda is available in every drugstore and can be sprinkled on the stains like baking powder - drizzle with water, wait and wipe off.

Also, did you know that yourself Soda combined with vinegar is perfect for cleaning clogged drains? To do this, add four tablespoons of soda to the drain and half a cup of vinegar immediately afterwards. After a few minutes of waiting, pour warm hot water and the problem is solved.

The soda also eliminates unpleasant smellscoming out of the drain. Therefore, you can use it even if it is not clogged at all, it just smells.

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In this way you will clean the overflow

The overflow is usually the dirtiest part of the sink. But with the right knowledge, it can also be cleaned well. Just use something for the visible opening Scouring milkthat you rub with a toothbrush.

If there is a lot of lime on the surface, you can also hang a rag that has been dipped in acetic or citric acid into the drain overnight.

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How to clean a ceramic sink

With ceramic sinks, you have to be a little more careful, because sometimes Surface scratches arise. Therefore, always make sure that you always use a non-scratching glass cleaning sponge for cleaning and that you rub everything dry with a tea towel. As a cleaning agent, you can use washing-up liquid, vinegar cleaner (diluted with water) or a biological universal cleaner.

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By Franziska Kaindl