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MediaTek confirms, "There will be a rival for the Snapdragon 875."

It was 2015 when it looked like thisMediaTek could play an important role in the tight landscape of chipmakers with a promising Helio X10. Since then, things have faded: although the company is still quite present, Qualcomm still remains the primary choice. As of recently, the company doesn't seem to be doing well with hacking issues and skewed benchmarks. Still, the increase is with the Dimensional series has rekindled hopes for those who would like the presence of another competitive player.

I live like Huawei and Samsung: patented a proprietary SoC

The Snapdragon 875 does not interfere with MediaTek and the Dimensity series

Just a few days ago, the presentation event for the size 1000+, high-end SoC, which will debut on board, took place on the iQOO Z1. Upon completion, MediaTek's top three executives spoke to the microphones of the Chinese media and explained what the future plans for 2020 are. Qualcomm's shadow remains as there is already talk of what it will be Snapdragon 875, High-end SoC that will debut in late 2020. It will likely be the reference SoC for the top of the range in early 2021, like Xiaomi Mi 11, OPPO Find X3, OnePlus 9 and so on.

In this regard, they were asked what the Taiwanese chipmaker's answer will be, if there is one. Management promptly replied that it won't take long to argue and that a is already in the pipeline MediaTek rival of the Snapdragon 875. As Li Yanji, general manager of the connectivity department, pointed out, MediaTek aims to offer flagship solutions that arrive on time.

That will also and above all be strong competition 5Gwhere Qualcomm is working to make it into cheaper, high-end products too. After the first modems on board Snapdragon 855/855 + e 865The 7xx series was also modified accordingly with the arrival of Snapdragon 765 / 765G. MediaTek doesn't want to be outdone and new 5G chipsets are being launched at competitive prices, as has already been demonstrated with the latest Dimension 800.

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