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The assault rifle: SIG SAUER MCX Virtus

Now it is clear: SIG SAUER is being tortured. The video proves it: this is where an MCX Virtus is pushed to its limits. We personally didn't lend a hand, but we would be ready to do anything with the rifle at any time that you can see here.

However, we were able to test the MCX personally during our visit to Eckernförde: The MCX has the maneuverability of an AR15 system including its easy, ergonomic usability, but is beyond that. Above all, the solution that the slide does not need a buffer tube, so you can install a folding stock in different variations, is extremely appealing. Classic 5.56mm caliber - used HERE by the police in Berlin - meets the option of using the same weapon in the heavy 300 BLK caliber - keyword “Western Kalashnikov cartridge”. And since SIG SAUER is a system house, suppressors and optics are also from SIG SAUER. A great rifle that was also in the running for the KSK and the Bundeswehr before SIG SAUER decided to withdraw from the procurement process.

In the picture, these are the various options with which the SIG MCX can be adapted to your challenges:

  • Fire selector lever (secured, single fire, burst of fire)
  • Forged barrel in different lengths between 11.5 "and 16"
  • Compact thanks to the foldable shoulder rest
  • Innovative multi-caliber system
    - .300 BLK
    - 5.56 NATO
  • adjustable gas take-off to use the silencer
  • secured loading
  • Hand protection can be removed without tools

A look inside: SIG has its own ideas.

Overall, an exciting concept and a great weapon. By the way: the MCX Virtus is in the starting blocks for civil sales in Germany. The trade will be supplied from November.

HERE you can find all information about the weapon directly from the manufacturer.

If you want to know more about SIG SAUER, HERE the SPARTANAT interview with Managing Director Franz von Stauffenberg.



SIG SAUER Germany on the Internet:sigsauer-le.com

SIG SAUER Inc. on the Internet: sigsauer.com.

SIG SAUER Inc. on Instagram:www.instagram.com/sigsauerinc

High-end solution with integrated suppressor and Combat Sight BRAVO4 from SIG SAUER.